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Houston Chapter - Location: Houston

The Houston Chapter was formed in April of 2001 right after the launch of the World WZCC at the 2000 World Congress in Houston. Ever since then we have seen steady growth and heard numerous success stories from Zarathushtis residing in the Greater Houston area. The strength of this Chapter is two-fold and lies in firstly its dedicated executive team and the operating style borders around the plan to showcase the inherent talent & success stories of local Houstonians.

When WZCC was launched, three members out of the ten on the World Board were from Houston! They were Sarosh Collector, Meherwan Boyce & Homi Davier. After completing two four year terms they have since stepped down and we now have one Board Member, Rustom Engineer who was elected at the last AGM in December of 2006. Being a strong arm of WZCC and one of the most active Chapters we hope to see a continuance of appointments to the WZCC Board from the Houston Chapter’s membership.

The first Chapter Chair from Houston was Kaemerz Dotiwala who along with a proactive team, had the task of setting up the operating guidelines and nurture the Chapter to a level where it was a group of 25-30 like minded individuals getting together with the zeal to propel this Chapter to a level where it could set an example for more Chapters to be started both in North America & Internationally.

After four years we saw the passing of the Baton when we had another founding member Zarir Sethna, take over as the Chair for the Houston Chapter. His four year term saw increased activity and we saw a surge in Membership to about 45 individuals. Zarir was a motivating factor in providing a platform for our ZAH members to talk about their success stories.

Zarir & Kaemerz collectively gave us our first ever Gala function where we had over 200 attendees from both our members & mainstream America. This allowed ZAH to project a professional image for its local community. They also helped to set a standard and a confidence level that the Houston Chapter was here to stay!

Now in 2007 Houston has once again created history in North America by promoting the first ever woman as the Chair for WZCC! In came Behroze Daruwalla who is determined to propel the Chapter to new highs! She has already begun her term with aggressive plans and began with the first ever joint program along with the Dallas Chapter where WZCC promoted our youth who have gone into business for themselves. Behroze is serious about creating an impact during her term and we remain confident that this will be a reality.

Contact details: -
Address: Zarathushti Heritage & Cultural Center,
8787 West Airport Blvd. Houston, TX 77071.
Our Committee Members: -
  Sharmeen Irani   - Chairperson
  Jal Sethna   - Vice Chairperson
  Behroze Daruwalla   - Member
  Dr. Darius Wania   - Member
  Ken Bhappu   - Member
  Kaemerz Dotiwala   - Member
  Kershaw Khumbatta   - Member
  Rustom Engineer   - Member
Business Advisory Committee: -
  Sarosh Collector   - Accounting - CPA
  Zarir Sethna   - Investments & Insurance
  Kersi Engineer   - Real Estate & Finance
  Homi Davier   - Business, Aviation, Insurance
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